Sussex at War

WHILE south coast residents were surveying the damage and searching for survivors after bombing raids on the town, the Herald and Gazette series photographers of the time were out capturing the scene.

The original pictures bear the red stamps of approval from the official censor.

Red censor marks feature on some of the images to prevent enemy spies from passing on details of where bombs had fallen.

Today the fallen of the First and Second World Wars are still remembered on November 11, but the ranks of the dead still swell with the names of soldiers killed on recent conflicts.

The Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal is providing support for the young men who have been injured in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Gulf War and Falklands conflict, and the dependents of those who have died.

For more information about the Poppy Appeal visit

To read more about Second World War experiences in West Sussex, including details of what was happening in the photographs appearing in the gallery, click on the links below.

A case for defence

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Summer of devastation

Littlehampton at war

Shoreham at war

Worthing at war one,

Worthing at war two,

Worthing at war three.

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